Friday, March 7, 2014

Bloom Where You Are Planted: A New Journey With Familiarity

So life....  this beautifully, amazing, one of a kind experience that I am so thankful for .... like the weather, one day you're batten down the hatches prepping for a storm and the next you're sweating through the swelter of the radiant sun, both are so unpredictable yet in every moment there is joy to be found if one stops to count their blessings as they look around. 

This last year has been nothing less than amazing.  I've learned so much about the things I love (Jesus, speaking & preaching, music, web design, writing, art, teaching, etc.) and myself.  Before coming to Austin I talked about chasing dreams, but never had the doors of opportunity open to capture some of my own.  After looking over the thousands of photos in the past year (yes, I admit I am a picture-aholic) I am in complete awe of all the living that has been! 

(that's a big but, you can like it and you don't have to lie - ha!)

I believe George Moore stated it best, "A man travels the world over in search of what he needs and returns home to find it."  Truth be told, while I LOVE my Spirit family, my Kingdom Heights Christian School family, my Hill Country Bible Church family, my Bible Baptist Church family, and some of the best friends my boys and I could ever find,especially in such a short time, (insert big but here) I miss home.  I know some of you are reading this thinking I am out of my mind (you are probably right but not on this subject - ha!) but believe me I have weighed this decision heavily.

 Jeremiah 42:3 Pray that the LORD your God will tell us where we should go and what we should do

 Remember that job I told you all about a few weeks ago, well it is solving my hearts desire to be close to my family... my Dad, Little Brother, Sister-in-law, hopefully my little niece or nephew sometime in the near future (hint hint Cam and Kelsey), my Mom, my forever former family always will be family my ex-in-laws, my WOW Women, my Element Church fam, and my family in friend form (psst - if you're from Wyoming and reading this that's YOU!)

So what is this job you ask?

Any of these look familiar?  I'm going to work for Montgomery Broadcasting!  Some of you may recall I applied for this very same position about three years ago, but got beat out by one person.  Now I'm ready to ROCK this new position AND I get to be back where my roots are planted - in good ol' Cheyenne, Wyoming!

Here's why behind it all ... I'm looking out for two precious mini men that mean the WORLD to me and the support we receive in Wyoming is something that I will never be able to find anywhere else being a single Momma.  We've had wonderful people here help us out, but it is a handful compared to a village in Cheyenne.  Aydn and Kayl are my first priority in life and I would give my right arm (or my whole body for that matter) for them to be happy.  They are doing well here in Texas, but working 3 jobs is taking a toll on all of our sanity (All I have to say is thank goodness I am done with school!) At this point in their lives - these fleeting moments are slipping through my hands faster than I can even comprehend.  They are only tiny humans for so long and some day they will have their own dreams to chase after, their own lives to live without full dependence on me. Sometimes in life we have to take a step back to see what is really important and to get that extra room in order to get a running start forward. I'm super excited for this new opportunity and to be back with ALLLLL of my Wyomingites!!!!  PREPARE FOR ALLL THE HUGS!

I'll leave you all with this beautiful quote that a friend posted last week:

   Thank you Austin, or Awesome, Texas as Switchfoot says - you've been the definition of awesome & this last little bit we have together will be just as amazing!  You'll always have a piece of my heart and it is not a good-bye it's a see ya later.  Wyoming fam & friends - start storing up the hugs I MISS YOUR LOVE! But not for long!  


  1. So happy for you and your family! You are an amazing mom to those boys and it is a blessing to have had the chance to get to know you! I love your daily quotes that are almost always what I needed to read :) aubri will miss her kayl but I know its for the best and I wish you all the best! Love yall

  2. Thank you Canadace <3 We'll miss you all sooooo much! We always have Facebook to keep in touch! LOVE YOU!

  3. YAYYYYYYYYY!!!!! I'm sooooooo happy you're coming back!! I've missed you most of all Scarecrow!!!! I CAN"T WAIT!!!