Friday, November 8, 2013

May I Have This Dance?! *Twirl, spin, dip*

Hi Hi Hiiiiii everyone! So life. SO LIFE!!! Just this absolutely stunning journey that we all get the pleasure of traveling - I prefer dancing through it at every moment... so can I have this dance?!

I just wanted to jump on here briefly to update & also to say that my heart is bursting at the seams and filled to the tip top spilling over with thankfulness!  God is good when?  ALLLLLLLL the time!!!
1.) Last week was a dream come true.  Spirit Fest 2013 was incredible to say the very least and to see the huge crowd come together for almost an entire day to worship ....

*wipes forehead, fans face, grips heart, wipes joyous tears* 

There are no words so here is a montage of highlights from Spirit filled day...
THIS is my favorite moment - with every hand lifted (insert head to toe goosebumps)
Casting Crowns
Brandon Heath & Mandisa (Brandisa)
Brandisa in action
Tenth Avenue North

Joel For King and Country

2.) Okay so I am positive everyone on the book of Faces is noticing the massive explosion of love for and from a certain man named Jesse... sorry I'm not sorry.  HE'S AMAZING.  He also deploys tomorrow and I would appreciate all the prays, happy thoughts, and well wishes for him and his safety as we can get.  I miss him terribly and I know that it drives some of you crazy seeing all the mushy, gushy, love stuff - but it makes us feel good so avert your eyes if you must... you all have at least six more months of this. (there will be a blog about how this all came to be soon so stay tuned)

3.) ASTRONOMY IS MAKING MY BRAIN SPIN. I do not know how everything fits together but I do know that it does, and only one person understands it all - the creator of it all. Merging the knowledge I am taking in with my faith has been a doozy to say the least.  I have some pretty amazing classmates who discuss without offending and some awesome friends that are always willing to provide me with their insight (THANK YOU for that).  All I know is that I am NEVER against learning all things - even if it challenges my beliefs - for if it pushes against me I will either move or stand firmer on my foundation.  I LOVE LEARNING!!! (even if it hurts - ha!)

4.) I am speaking tomorrow morning at the Capitol Building in Austin, Texas on the topic of Suicide Awareness.  Happy thoughts, prayers, and well wishes for this to go smoothly are very much appreciated!  This topic is one that hits close to my heart in more than one way and I am sure it hits many of you reading this right now.  We need to talk about suicide - no longer keeping it hushed.  Together we can spark a revolution of change - of awareness that this darkness can no longer remain.  If anyone is suffering right now, PLEASE reach out for help - do not be ashamed!  Do not let this pain define you, let it refine you! Call here if you need help 1-800-273-8255. YOU ARE SO SPECIAL & THIS WORLD NEEDS YOUR LIGHT - DO NOT EXTINGUISH ITS SHINE!  SENDING OUT LOTS OF LOVE AND HUGS.

5.) I love my boys, my boyfriend (blows kiss to him as he reads this), my family and friends (who I MISSSSSSS so much!), laughing, my new home in Texas, my old home in Wyoming (Which I ALSO MISSSSSS so much!), and I am so extremely thankful. *stops and breaths it all in* In this moment there are a thousand things running through my brain - but that list of the things I love... they are REAL and RIGHT NOW.  Proverbs 16:9 The heart of man plans his way, but the Lord establishes his steps.

"Maybe the best thing to do is to stop trying to figure out where you are going and just enjoy where you are at." - unknown
That is exactly what this is - enjoyment and gratitude for where I am at.
& YOU reading this right now.  Thank you for being in my life.  No matter how big or small of role you play I am truly thankful and extremely blessed to have you. Happy Friday!!! 

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