Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Life Is Exactly Like Playing A Game Of Baseball

    I am always pondering about life and wondering what I can compare it to and as a baseball fanatic the game is exactly the perfect analogy I have been searching for.  As a batter there is a whole field of people chanting at you, "Hey batter, batter, batter, SAAWING!"  There are nine people out on the field trying to get you to swing at the wrong time, distract you from smacking that ball out of the park, and waiting for you to strike out.  Just as in life there are many people that are (although you may not understand why) desperately wanting and waiting for the moment that you mess up or fail at an attempt to be happy.  So say you get past the discouraging words and you smack the ball up, up, up, and into the outfield- there is another person determined to catch that ball and get you out, dashing your dreams of making it to home base.

 Relating it back to life there are going to be days when you feel like you are reaching your goals and getting things done the way you need to and out of nowhere things begin to fall out of place, someone else got the job you wanted, the promotion you thought you had, or the better grade you thought you deserved... they caught your triple base ball.  When this happens do not get blinded by the triple that could have been, but focus on the out of the park homerun that you have the chance to hit next time.  In baseball you have to keep your eye on the ball, in life keep your focus on the dream.  In baseball you have to hit hard and run as fast as your legs will take you, in life you have to work toward your goal with all of your might.  In baseball when you strike out, or someone unexpectedly catches that pop fly you thought was over the fence there are eight more innings or plenty more games to prove what a stud you are on the field.  In life what seems like a setback can be the step back in the right direction, you just have to focus on the positive and keep trying.

  Kathy Cordell gave me this saying years ago and it goes for baseball players and any other person out there, change your "What if's?" into "What ifs!!!"  There is always going to be a chance to hit that round tripper, dinger, four bagger, out of the park home run- it's all about focusing on the dream and not letting anything, including a temporary failure distract you from it.

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